Where is all the stuff?

under-constructionSeriously, who doesn’t love a retro “under construction” graphic on a website? This makes me all nostalgic for 1998. I think I’m going to throw “You’ve Got Mail” in to the VCR and start porting this site over to Geocities…

Anyway, the cupboard is bare over here as I tinker with some options. Hopefully this won’t take me as long to resolve as it’s taken me to write a blog post. [Although, summer has to come back sometime, so I’m sure all those posts about the city messing up the spray pad program will seem fresh by then.]

In the meantime, if you really can’t get enough of this stuff then I suggest that you need to read more, like Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail. Or, you can catch me on the Twitter or at Metro Winnipeg.

Back soon(ish).

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