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Launched in 2007, PolicyFrog is a Winnipeg- and Manitoba-centric blog that explores issues like local and provincial politics, media, urban planning, active transportation, sustainability, public transit, infrastructure development, sports and whatever else happens to tickle the fancy of its author.

Who is this?

PolicyFrog is the personal blog of Colin Fast. The opinions expressed here are solely his own, and do not necessarily represent those of his employer, his friends, his mother, the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club, the sweet old lady at the sandwich counter at Safeway or any of his teammates on the 1990 Provincial Midget B Championship hockey team (Go Panthers!).

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Sorry mate, I mentioned you while blatering away in a story, but at wasn’t until later I figured out the blogroll widget – by then Curtis lauched off and I got side tracked. It wasn’t till you mentioned it today that I noticed I hadn’t actually added your site to the list. Mea culpa – my bad – please forgive.

    What’s really stupid is it was your blog that that made me decide to take another whack at blogging 🙂

  2. I love the website – you fill a niche that needs filling.

    So look what I’m invited to:

    “On Wednesday March 19, 2008, in a lead up to Anti-Racism Day, Inkster MLA Kevin Lamoureux will hold a discussion followed by a short rally on the front steps of the Manitoba Legislature to protest the continued exclusion of visible minorities from the Premier’s cabinet.”

    Except Lathlin and Robinson are visible minorities, and they’re both on the cabinet. Sigh.

  3. @Dana – Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, the Liberal invite is a shameless attempt by Lamoureux to try to rile up the Indian and Filipino communities because MLAs like Flor Marcelino or Bidhu Jha aren’t in cabinet. Surprise, surprise, Kevin’s constituency has a large number of Indian and Filipino residents.

    That isn’t to say that minorities shouldn’t be represented in cabinet, of course they should. But at the same time, ethnicity shouldn’t just grant automatic entry.

  4. Received this today…

    Manitoba News Release

    May 14, 2008


    – At 11.5 cents per litre, Manitoba has the second-lowest gas tax in Canada.

    – As it is a flat per-litre tax, the province does not receive any increase in revenue when prices go up at the pump, unlike the federal government.

    – Manitoba has introduced the Gas Tax Accountability Act, whereby all fuel tax revenue raised is dedicated to road infrastructure.

    – In 2006-07, the province invested over $131 million more in road construction and maintenance, highway transportation programs and municipal transportation than it received in fuel taxes. The year before, the province spent over $102 million more than it received in fuel taxes.

    – 30 –
    Wow… what’s this? The govenment now sending out releases about non-news items? Are they feeling guilty about something? Something under their collective skins? What’s prompted this?

  5. Like the blog, quite professional and even handed which is a breath of fresh air when dealing with public affairs related issues.

    One question though…..what is with the smiley face on the right hand gray space….after noticing it I can’t look away.

  6. @anonymous – WordPress.com puts that in there, not me. I think they use it to track visitors. I’d prefer if it was buried at the bottom of the page, but whatever.

  7. I don’t suppose it would interest you to find a conservative candidate that had campaign emails sent from a government facility. I am not a big terry fan and it may not be in anyones interest to dredge this up but I certainly have proof.

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